Al Bireh Women's Arab Union Society is a human charitable society established in 1955 and registered in 1956. It is located in Al-Bireh city – Schools Street. After a short period of time, it became one of the centers of offering and hope as well as an illuminative center of compassion, security and peace for our mothers.

This Society joined the Union of Charitable Society in Jerusalem on July 18th 1965. Since its establishment, it maintained its strength through the dear sacrifices of the Palestinian people which contributed to its country. The Society has developed and expanded its headquarters which is now consisting of four (4) floors provided with air-conditional rooms, halls for watching television, an electric elevator and big generator for electricity to provide the headquarters with electricity in case of failure power.

There are also nurses and maids who serve the mothers with distinguished care and sympathy. In front of the building there is rosary which adds to its beauty, and behind it there is another garden planted with green grass.

The Structure of the Society

The general assembly of the Society consists of Ninety Nine (99) members from whom the Administrative Body was elected.

The Administrative Body consists of eleven members whose names and positions are as follow:


Muntaha Nihad Jarrar/Buderi  Chairwomen
Ayda Abdel Hafeez Sehwale  Vice – Chairwomen
Ayda Abdel Hameed Al-Asali  Secretary
Laila Mufleh Mhanna  Cashier
Arwa Mohammed Dar-Taweel  Member
Taghreed Ahmad Khalil  Member
Nuha Ahmad Al-Khayri  Member
Kareema Shaker Madi  Member
Samha Huseen Shehada  Member

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