Current Activities of WAUS

Despite the challenges of the current situation and the difficult conditions facing the Palestinian people, the Arab Women Union Society is determined to offer assistance to people and improving their living, educational, social and health levels. So, the Society has devoted most of its human objectives despite its very limited financial resources in order to be endless source of offering.
The Society included the following activities in the current projects:

1. The Recreation Home for Old Women:
This is a house of offering and hope compassion and all human charitable meaning for serving women throughout the country, taking care of them in their old age providing them with the means of comfort and care, and keeping them away of the ghost of isolation and loneliness characteristic of this stage of age.
The Society established the Recreation home for old women in 1973 and another ward was added to it in 1983. A second floor was achieved in 1990 and equipped with all the requirements necessary for old and disabled women.
In 1988 a third floor was built and finally a fourth floor is now under construction and development.
At present, there are twenty three (23) old women in this home, enjoying health, psychological, and recreation services by a team of nurses and maids under a complete medical supervision.

2. The Physiotherapy Clinic:
The Society established a room furnished with most modern medical appliances for medicating old women and providing them with health care in the Recreation Home.
The clinic also receives out patients transferred by other physician at morning evening period. This service is supervised by specialized and highly efficient technician for minimal charges suitable to the difficult economic conditions of Palestinian people, and this service is sometimes provided for free.

3. The Dental Clinic:
The Clinic was established in 1983 with the assistance of the Social Development. And it was equipped with modern equipments. A specialized dentist runs it, and that has giving good reputation which increased the number of visiting patients over the week days.

4. The Ketchen:
This section was opened in 1993. Members of the administrative board voluntarily work in it, and the products of traditional meals and eastern desserts are prepared upon request and marketed to cover part of the society's regular expenditures.

5. Events hall:
Its area is 255 m2 equipped to facilitate around 250 guests, the hall may used for wedding ceremonies, seminars and conferences.

Future Projects
The society is seeking to continue serving the Palestinian women by establishing a Day-Club in the Hall in witch, housewives, and retired women meet, and spend their time.
Through their participation in the activities which are prepared for them to improve their potentials and benefit from their experiences in life.
The Society had conducted language enhancement courses in English and French as well as computer courses.

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