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Kitchen table of appetite

Al-Bireh Woman’s Arab Union Society announces the opening of Kitchen table of appetite; The Kitchen table offers delicious cuisine:‎

  • Mahashi and all kinds of kibbeh and Shoshbarak
  • Pastries of all kinds and brands.‎
  • Turkey, stuffed chicken, Maqloba, Ozzie, Qedra, Musakhan, and delicious ‎tagines.‎
  • Krchat and Roos and Makadm.‎
  • Mikdos and all kinds of pickles
  • All kinds of sweets and cakes.‎
  • The ability to make an open buffet for all occasions
The preparation of these foods is done by experienced women.‎ ‎

For more inquiry, please call:‎

‎- ‎02-2956106 or 0598937713‎

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